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The Boethius Institute helps scholars and leaders to grow in their understanding and practice of the traditional liberal arts and sciences, forming a fellowship that unites those passionate about liberal education in a bond of friendship and common effort in advancing liberal education throughout the world.



Arts of Liberty

The Examining Life

The Transition to Classical Education

How can teachers and schools adapt to classical education? Is the method really suited to students of all ages and abilities? In this episode, Susan Wallace, veteran teacher, discusses with Dr. Seeley how she and her school have grown while transitioning to classical education, and examine a talk given by the late Pope Benedict XVI... Continue reading

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Easter weekend has definitively proclaimed the arrival of Spring, at least in northern Iowa on the border of Minnesota. Two weeks ago, though Canadian geese filling the sky and fat robins returning to their territories spoke of spring as imminent, the deep snow cover made it hard to believe in new life. Trees produced buds in vain...Continue reading


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The Learnables: Mathematical Education in a Liberal Arts Curriculum

Although many strides have been made in reviving the humanities portion of a liberal education, mathematics and the sciences have lagged behind. Many obstacles lie in the way of programmatic change – ancient vs. modern math; the lack of a historical guide to integration of the sciences into a liberal arts curriculum; the external expectations...

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St. Mary’s Catholic School 2024 Spring Gala

President Dr. Andrew Seeley will speak at the St. Mary's Catholic School 2024 Spring Gala.

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The Academic Return of the Great Tradition: A Retreat

Each year the Alcuin Fellowship conducts an invitation-only retreat for a small group of leaders who are part of the renewal of classical education in the United States. This spring, they are hosting a group of 30 remarkable leaders from most of the organizations involved in the renewal of classical education. The leaders will discuss...

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Symposium on Transforming Culture

President Dr. Andrew Seeley, Dean of Fellows Dr. Jeffrey Lehman, and Senior Fellow Dr. Erik Ellis will present at a colloquium session at the Symposium on Transforming Culture. Dr. Seeley will present on The Formative Power of Choral Music. Dr. Lehman will present on Boethius and the Liberal Art of Music. Dr. Ellis will present...

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St. John Bosco Conference

President Dr. Andrew Seeley and Dean of Fellows Dr. Jeffrey Lehman spoke at the Augustine Institute's St. John Bosco Conference, a day of instruction, prayer, and fellowship centered around the renewal of Catholic education. Attendees listened to talks by leaders in the Catholic education renewal and a panel discussion on the current state of Catholic...

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FORMA Symposium

Senior Boethius Fellow Dr. Matthew Walz gave a paper titled "Benedict XVI: Doctor of Reason"at the CiRCE FORMA symposium. In his paper, he makes a case that Pope Benedict XVI should be called the "Doctor of Reason" in light of his regular attempts during his papacy to address what he called the "dictatorship of relativism" by...

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