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Arts of Liberty


A Fellow’s Reading List

by Dr. Alex Lessard This reading list originally appeared in the Cornerstone Forum’s newsletter From the world of popular book culture, I periodically receive reading lists compiled under titles like “Curl Up Under a Blanket with These Cozy Fall Reads” – something I’m as likely to do as attend Burning Man. Instead, I’ve been reading...

The Examining Life

The Transition to Classical Education

How can teachers and schools adapt to classical education? Is the method really suited to students of all ages and abilities? In this episode, Susan Wallace, veteran teacher, discusses with Dr. Seeley how she and her school have grown while transitioning to classical education, and examine a talk given by the late Pope Benedict XVI... Continue reading

Arts of Liberty Bulletin


Easter weekend has definitively proclaimed the arrival of Spring, at least in northern Iowa on the border of Minnesota. Two weeks ago, though Canadian geese filling the sky and fat robins returning to their territories spoke of spring as imminent, the deep snow cover made it hard to believe in new life. Trees produced buds in vain...Continue reading


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The Controversial Thomas More: Writings 1522-1533

Dallas, TX – Senior Fellow Erik Ellis will present "Quamvis angustiae culturae sui temporis pertulerit: The Context of More’s Persecution of Heretics" at The Controversial Thomas More: Writings 1522-1533 conference hosted by the University of Dallas's Center for Thomas More Studies. This conference encourages interdisciplinary scholarship on The Essential Works of Thomas More and enriches...

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Dust of the Earth: On Persons

Notre Dame, IN – President Andrew Seeley will participate in the de Nicola Center for Ethics and Culture's fall conference, Dust of the Earth: On Persons.

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Launch of Augustine Institute’s Masters of Arts: Catholic Education

Denver, CO – The Augustine Institute will launch their Master of Arts: Catholic Education program. This program joins the return to classical pedagogical methods to the communication of an integrated theological worldview. It forms men and women who will teach in schools across the United States and internationally. Graduates of the program will deploy the...

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Introduction to the Quadrivium at the Pascal Instituut

Leiden, The Netherlands – Senior Fellows Dr. Jeffrey Lehman and Dr. Andrew Seeley taught a course on the quadrivium at the Pascal Instituut. This four-day intensive course served as an introduction to the four-semester, in-depth study of the quadrivium. Students read classic works in each of the four arts and sciences and began to discover...

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Fellowship of Catholic Scholars Conference: Truth in Private and Public Life

Washington, D.C. – Senior Fellow Dr. Matthew Walz attended the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars (FCS) convention  at The Catholic University of America. Dr. Walz serves on the Board of the FCS. He participated in the Board meeting, chaired a plenary session, and moderated a session of panel presentations. The theme of this year's convention was...

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A Long Expected Party: A Semicentennial Celebration of Tolkien’s Life, Works, and Afterlife

Steubenville, OH – President Andrew Seeley and Senior Fellow Erik Ellis presented at A Long Expected Party: A Semicentennial Celebration of Tolkien's Life, Works, and Afterlife. This conference, hosted at Franciscan University of Steubenville, focused on all aspects of Tolkien’s life and work, including his most recent posthumous publications such as The Nature of Middle...

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