Erik Ellis

Erik Ellis is assistant professor of education at Hillsdale College. He earned a B.A. in the University Scholars Program at Baylor University with major concentrations in Greek and Latin and a minor concentration in History. He stayed at Baylor to earn an M.A. in History. Upon graduation, worked as a teacher for five years. He next received master’s and doctoral degrees at the University of Notre Dame’s Classics Department and Medieval Institute. He then traveled to Chile’s Universidad de los Andes to teach Latin, Greek, and Literature courses before returning to the US. As a researcher, Dr. Ellis focuses his efforts on tenth-century Byzantium and sixteenth-century Northern Europe, spending much time onConstantine Porphyrogennitos, Thomas More, Erasmus, and Juan Luis Vives, although he often allows himself to be distracted by J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis. He is enthusiastic about sacred choral music, visiting remote places, and speaking classical and modern foreign languages.


The University of Notre Dame

2019 Ph.D., Medieval Studies

Dissertation: The Language of Order: Latin, Greek, and Roman in the Byzantine Book of

Ceremonies. Hildegund Müller (co-dir.), Alexander Beihammer (co-dir.), Peter Jeffery,

Aldo Tagliabue

2016 M.A., Classics

2015 M.M.S., Medieval Studies

Baylor University

2007 M.A., History, summa cum laude

Thesis: Petrarch’s Africa I-IV: A Translation and Historical Commentary. Jeffrey

Hamilton (dir.), Eric Rust, Antonios Augoustakis

2006 B.A. as a University Scholar, magna cum laude with major concentrations in Greek and

Latin and a minor concentration in history

Peer-Reviewed Publications

“Augustine on the Katechon: A Lesson from De Civitate Dei,” with Patricio Domínguez, Scripta

Medievalia 16.1 (Forthcoming 2023).

“Iterative amplificatio: a new way to read the ‘Lame Beggars Sequence’ in More’s

Epigrammata,” Moreana 59.2 (2022): 220–232.

“Performing Acclamation in Tenth-Century Byzantium: De Cerimoniis between Roman Practice

and Christian Theory,” Studia Patristica 130 (2021): 403-423.

“The Utopia Correspondence of 1515,” Moreana 58.2 (2021): 137-162.

“Dissent from Mt. Ventoux: Between Christian and Secular Humanism in Petrarch’s de Ascensu

Montis Ventosi,” Scripta Medievalia 14.1 (2021): 71-95.

“A True Knowledge of Theology: Self-Fashioning and Typological Emulation in the ErasmusDorp Affair,” Moreana 56.2 (2019): 161-176.

“Talis erat: The Continental Reputation of Thomas More in the Latin Epigrams of Stapleton’s

Vita Thomae Mori,” Moreana 55.2 (2018): 211-250.

Essays, Reviews, and Interviews

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